About Us

Who We Are

Ryan Smosna

A former college athlete, and coach who currently teaches technology classes in Austin, TX. Ryan thought he was healthy and eating fairly well until a blood test revealed he was on track for a heart attack! Within just three months Ryan was able to dramatically improve his blood work with Jessica's guidance. Ryan is now determined to provide others with tools to improve their 'healthstyle" and live happier, healthier, and longer!


Jessica Smosna, RD, LD

Grasping the importance of how food affects your body is key to a healthy and happy life. As a dietitian, Jessica focuses on a food-as-medicine approach to educate and motivate individuals to thrive and grow. 

Jessica has successfully guided individuals in reversing diabetes, elevated cholesterol, and high blood pressure, while also eliminating symptoms of IBS, headaches, and pain. Patients enjoy working with her and are inspired by her non-judgemental, realistic, and upbeat approach!

We have combined our passions for health and fitness to help you feel empowered, focused, and energized through your food and lifestyle choices! 

Our Mission & Vision

To educate and empower individuals to improve their "healthstyle".  We realize everyone is at a different point on their wellness journey so we offer a "good, better, best" approach to make it realistic for you, whether you're just getting started or fine tuning!

Our Hope

To spread the word and provide a comprehensive resource for all walks of life interested in optimizing their health. Please help us spread the word and share the gift of health with anyone you feel would benefit. We appreciate your support!