"I haven't felt like this in such a long long time. I want to thank you for all you have done to help me get here. You have been the best dietitian anyone could ask for.”  -Carrie M. 

"I got my cholesterol re-test results back today and my numbers are significantly improved! My doctor was very impressed and curious how I did it. Thanks again for your help." -Eric G.

"Were it not for you, I'd likely still be having a host of tummy troubles - and spending gobs of time and money on doctors who may not have ultimately been able to help.”  -Mary C.

"20 lbs lost, two belt sizes, haven't felt this good since 2005 before my surgery mishap."      

-Mike T.

“I purchased so many diet books in the past and they never gave me the information I needed.   For once I feel I know how to fuel and nourish my body to feel my best.”  -Katie Z.

"Jess is a difference maker.  Her attitude and approach make you want to succeed, and make you feel that you can.  She is a 10+ on a scale of 1-10!"  -Joel P.

"I was able to control my glucose levels through diet and avoid medication or any other complications with my pregnancy. I am so proud of myself and I'm so grateful to you!!! The only reason I was able to do it it's because I had guidance.”  -Amanda G.

“I know I had to do the bulk of the work, but I could NOT have done it without Jess’s guidance and support. No question about it.”  -Joe S.

"I love it!  The science and number make a world of difference in my motivation and understanding of what is going on inside my body on a cellular level."  -Rachel H.

"Jess's primary goal was to develop a personalized plan and approach that would work for me for the long term. She provided me with the tools, knowledge and support. I've lost over 50 lbs. in the past 20 months. But, the best news is that my health has improved dramatically."            

-Walt E.

"Jess is incredibly friendly and funny and extremely knowledgeable.  She goes above and beyond for her clients and really cares about their success achieving their goals--whatever they may be. Jess doesn't just sit you down and tell you what to eat, she gives you the knowledge and resources."   -Jenna L.

"Thank you for everything. You are enlightening. Even my friends and family noticed the slow but sure changes thanks to your wisdom."  -Janet O.


"Thanks to Jess I have a solid foundation to build a healthy lifestyle. This has changed me SO MUCH!!"   -Mary S.

"I've been working with Jess for almost three years, she is very motivating and has a realistic approach to healthy living.  She introduced me to new items and taught me to balance my meals.  In turn, this has increased my energy levels and improved my performance in athletics. She has also given me healthy alternatives to help conquer my sweet tooth (and they actually taste good)! I look forward to continuing my work with Jess and highly recommend her services to anyone looking to improve their health.”  -Ryan S.

"My favorite part of working with Jess  is that I feel supported and not judged!  

Jessica has been a wealth of information and is so generous in spirit. I enjoy our time together and greatly appreciate her patience as I work through the complexities of my relationship to my body, mind, and spirit."  -Elisa M.

"My program with Jessica helped in all areas of my life - both physically and mentally. I loved her recipes and tips for stress management. She made my program very individualized and easy to follow."  -Kal R.

"My experience working with Jess has been positive beyond my expectations."  -Rita W.

"I couldn’t have made drastic changes to my diet without Jessica’s expertise and motivation.  Her guidance helped keep me on track and is now incorporated into my lifestyle."  -Terry Z.